Homeowners Insurance

Homeowners insurance protects one of most important investments you will probably ever make. This is not only the financial value of your house, but the comfort and security of your family.

The Erie offers comprehensives products that not only address the major perils like fire, wind, lightning and liability but dozens of extras.

Here are just a few of those features:

  • Coverage up to $2,500 for loss due to theft, forgery or unauthorized use of a credit card and unknowingly accepting counterfeit money.

  • Payment up to the Personal Property limit for loss to contents of a refrigerator or freezer on the residence premises from either power or mechanical failure.

  • Reimbursement for fire extinguisher recharge after a fire loss.

  • Payment for all reasonable fire department service charges to save or protect insured property.

  • Payment for replacement of automatic garage door transmitters which have been stolen.

  • Coverage up to $3,000 for theft of jewelry, watches, furs, precious and semi-precious stones. This may be increased, if needed.

  • Coverage up to $3,000 for theft of guns. This may be increased, if needed.

  • Coverage up to $3,000 for theft of silverware, silverplated ware, goldware, gold-plated ware and pewterware. This may be increased, if needed.

  • Under the liability and medical payments protection, coverage for watercraft powered by one or more outboard motors with up to and including 75 total horsepower is provided with the policy at no charge!

We would like to compare those to your needs. We can "build" a policy much the same way that you selected the important features of your home.


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